Making the Wrongs into the Rights: Ethics of Online Journalism

While the title might be a handful to pronounce, my point happens to be pretty simple. I propose a seal of approval for online blogs and companies that can be trusted with their content.

Though, I understand that we are ought to start running into real problems fast.

Who will issue these approvals?

For what?

Can you appeal? And if so, who will have the control over your appeals?

Can anti-feminist (replace with any controversial stance) ideas get a seal of approval? What if it does but the one with the power to approve is a feminist?   


I understand. But just because we may face problems, it doesn’t mean we need to act like U.S. government towards gun legislation. We need to do something against the surge of fake news and, consequently, the decline in trust of the news sources.

I’m not saying that we should start limiting the freedom of expression. But starting with a few principles from the Journalist’s Creed written by Walter Williams. But my issue is that it does not mention online journalism and, let’s be honest, we can find more courageous and ethical bloggers than newspaper editors (Daily Mail, I’m looking at you).

My point is that instead of sorting people into journalists and bloggers depending on the platform where they publish their pieces, we should start sort them by the integrity of their articles. So, in my mind, creating a system of scout-like badges you can collect would be one way of sorting out the problem of fake news on the internet.


The very first seal you would have to collect is the Seal of Truth, awarded for providing information that is true.

As far as execution, it may be the biggest problem, but it helps that the blog or the resource should apply for the seal.

Would I trust companies like Google or Facebook to implement the idea?

That’s tough. Facebook is infamous as the platform that was responsible for the out-of-control spread of the fake news. Google, on the other hand has it’s own controversies like firing James Damore and their strict stance on many controversial topics. I know that preserving journalistic integrity is a different thing than helping me find more about casino bonus, but given Google’s biases, I wouldn’t trust them with the former.

While I recognize that at this point I don’t offer many solutions, I would like to know what you think. Please contact me if you agree/disagree or have any ideas of how the system could be implemented.

All I know now is that, as far as news are concerned, uncensored internet can not continue. Because it’s like a drug addiction where you get hooked by ‘the good stuff’ but once you reach complete dependence, your dealer, unknownst to you, starts slipping you a worse product.

By the way, I am not promoting drug use. My point is that technology is an addition now and addicts don’t care what they get, which results in governments and companies deceiving people en masse. And, truthfully, if you don’t see a problem with that, you are a part of the problem.

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