How to develop a creative beginning for a text?

Texts are always creativity. The more interesting and richer, the easier it is to read and perceive them. Unfortunately, creative thoughts do not always come to mind, and the text goes so-so. But your ability to write well regardless of mood and weather outside the window can be trained. Today, let’s talk about exercises for the development of creativity. In fact, there are many more exercises, but I chose the ones that I like most, which I use and I know what a positive effect they have. I advise you to try them for pumping their copywriting skills.

By the way, here we have added this article to the heading “Copywriting”. But do you understand that creativity and creativity are also constantly needed in business or in developing your own project? So read and try, even if you do not write texts.

Exercise “Rephrase”


It’s very simple. You take the usual phrases or small sentences and try to say the same in different ways. For example, let’s go for a walk. Still it is possible to tell: We Will pass? Do not you want to stretch your legs? I propose to go through. We should get some air. I invite you for a walk! Let’s go out for a walk? It’s time to go to the promenade … and so on.

You can come up with such options. If you periodically do this exercise, then it will be easier for you to remember and use non-stamped phrases. Your texts will gradually become richer, the style is better, and the brain will start to work faster. Can you imagine how necessary it is? There are thousands websites about online casinos with original content even though it is pretty much same ideas all over again. That is the mastery of rephrasing. Click here and see such example.

10 + 10


We take a noun and write 10 adjectives that approach it. For example, a noun is a cow. What kind is she? Large, brown, horned, hungry, thick and so on. And then we write 10 adjectives that do not suit him. For example: flying, green, prickly, transparent … The same can be done with verbs: what our cow can and can not do.

Important: suggest the options you need as soon as possible! You can even check the time on the stopwatch and compete with yourself – improve time.

Very cool, this exercise is suitable for games with children, when they need something to take on the road or in line at the clinic. If there is space, then you can combine with the ball game to add some more action. My daughter and I play like this: I call her a noun, and she’s an adjective and immediately her noun, and then vice versa. It turns out to be a double benefit: we are developing with you, and the children are also having fun.

Come up with a story


It is necessary to take from two to five concepts that are not related to each other, and to compose a story. Open the dictionary, book or any site and poke anywhere with your finger. To make the story easier to compose, limit yourself to two concepts; if you want a serious training – take five at once. For example: a cow, wings, a helicopter, a frog, money. Try to make a connected interesting story!

The beginning of our history turned out this way: Two bosom friends, a cow and a frog, always dreamed of flying in the sky. Money for the helicopter and the plane they did not have, and they decided to make their wings …

It’s also interesting to play with children in history. For example, you can compose a fairy tale at night. Well, in order to practice the copywriting skill, it is better to do the exercise in writing.

Think of advertising


Exercise is very similar, just write not just a story, but advertising using two or five concepts. We come up with a product, a proposal and compose an advertisement according to all the rules of selling texts. We tried to do this exercise with the students, it turns out very funny, and laughter is also useful for the brain. 🙂


There is nothing unusual here – just rewriting, that is, rewriting someone else’s text in their own words to a high uniqueness. If you have little experience in writing texts, you can begin training with rewriting. Practitioners of the same copywriters are sometimes specifically to take on such orders.

Rewriting on the contrary

But this is more interesting. You take the text and try to give it the exact opposite meaning, keeping the volume and structure. It turns out as though rewriting, but (as follows from the name) – on the contrary. Excellent, if it is possible to give the opposite meaning to each sentence and preserve the style of the text. Sometimes it turns out something quite funny, sometimes something hypertrophied.



We need to choose two concepts that are absolutely unrelated, and try to find a link between them. Remember, as in “Alice in Wonderland”: What does the black and the bank office have in common?

You need to find as much as possible in common, similar and also desirable as quickly as possible.


This exercise is great includes creative. You need to come up with a new product, character or item. We take two unconnected nouns and “glue” them, connect them, inventing something that would make them a single whole. For example, if you take a woman and fish, then we get a mermaid. Someone came up with this before us. And we can come up with some kind of a word. And then tell the story of the resulting subject / concept / character or advertise it.

Mad genetics


The exercise is related to drawing. And drawing, as we know, perfectly develops the right hemisphere and our creative beginning. We take a sheet of paper and draw an incomprehensible creature: hoofed, caustic, such as we like. And we need to watch for ourselves so that a recognizable bunny or a cow with wings does not turn out, that is, someone who understands our imagination. It is necessary to draw such a krakozabru, which we would never have met in our life, so that it would be impossible to imagine who it was. Drew? And now we write a story about him. Who is it, where did he come from, where he lives and so on. And some still manage to advertise this creature as a pet and tell what benefits the owner awaits after acquiring it.

Also, I highly recommend trying to do this exercise with children. One draws, the second tells the story, then vice versa.

Interior Design

And the last exercise. We take 10 any words from the dictionary, you can 15, as you like, also not related, and describe the room in which all these 10 concepts are present. It can be a house in which they are in external decoration, there can be an interior where they are inside. It is necessary to describe which of the functions each of the objects performs, so that they logically coexist in your history and in the room / interior.
These are the 10 exercises we love and practice. And what exercises do you use to develop your creativity?

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