3 tips to keep a winning spirit

This article answers all your mails showing signs of discouragement …

When one embarks on a project of writing, the questions do not miss. [19659003Whattodoifinspirationdoesnotcome?

How to keep my story from falling apart?

How to keep motivation?

How to find time to write?

… Or worse, my novel will it be published?

How to develop a winning state of mind to write without being discouraged and put unnecessary pressure on it?

Here are some ways to go:

3 keys to keep a winning spirit:

Do not write to be published!

This seems counterintuitive, as you are certainly writing to be published. Unfortunately, by dint of wanting it too much, the pressure is raised and we create blockages that often prove fatal and not conducive to a writing project.

Being published is not like sporting competition where you can see the score as you go and adjust the shot. You have no way of knowing in advance how publishers will receive your novel.

So the only thing you can do is move on and write better than the time before. In other words, by continuing to work, your new story will necessarily be better than the previous one. So, focus on the things you can control, not the rest!

Do not aim for perfection on the first roll. Get ready to revise and improve your manuscript

The first few times I shared my stories with readers, I did not expect to change many things. A comma here, a sentence there. I had already worked so hard on my text … What more could I do?

But when I had the first feedback, I panicked. After a while to heal my ego, I listened and heard the remarks. If some surprised me, force is to note that after some modifications in the plot, the characters or others, the stories took more power than I could have imagined. I had however aimed at perfection and I had so often pulled off my hair, I had exhausted myself to do better than well.

So, stop being a perfectionist. Your perfection is not that of others. Share your writings. Listen to the reader's comments. Do not even try to justify, to explain. If the readers notice defects and note the same inconsistencies, lightness or other … Listen to them! Their remarks often point to the weaknesses of your plot, your characters, and your novel in general.

Do not see sending your novel to publishers as the end of the journey

After putting so many energy in your novel, sending to publishers may sound the end of your writing. I mean, after such a big job, you might be tempted not to write … not to write anymore. The problem is that you will lose the rhythm and the good reflexes and the restart will be more complicated.

So as soon as you have finished a novel, give yourself a short break and start a new story to take advantage of your last experience and improve your new way of doing things, to build, to write, but also to organize and manage your writing time!

To your writing success … [19659034]